Gin Botanicals

LAW is an elegant, premium-quality Dry Gin. Its clear, balanced aroma is inspired through and through by the Mediterranean nature of Ibiza. Its recipe combines the herbal notes of a traditional gin. Best hand-picked juniper, green cardamom, coriander seeds, orris root, and Spanish cucumber combine harmoniously with those botanicals that not only surprise as gin flavours, but are also known as typical products of the island. For LAW Gin, we use predominantly local products of the best quality, as well as the island’s own pure spring water.


Juniper is the soul of every gin. In LAW, two species of juniper are combined to create a new taste experience, focused on the authentic Ibiza.

So in the distillation process, we process the best berries of the common juniper (Juniperus communis). But also growing on Ibiza is another, lesser-known variety, the Phoenician juniper (Juniperus phoenicea), named after the seafarers of the same name who settled this island more than 2000 years ago.

However, since the taste of the Phoenician juniper dominates any distillation, we use a gentler way of capturing its aroma.

By allowing the condensed distillate to flow over the fresh berries, we enable it to take on a touch of its tangy note – for the essence of a genuine Ibiza Gin.

Fresh lemon and orange peel

Almost every commercial gin is produced with dried lemon peel. But not LAW.

Since Ibiza offers great quantities of oranges and lemons direct from the tree almost the whole year round, LAW Gin benefits from the use fresh lemon peel.

Harvested immediately before processing, only untreated fruits find their way into the still.

Hand-picked, they originate from selected groves in which the trees can thrive naturally, thanks to the sun, water and the famous red earth of our island.

Prickly pear

One of the most important ingredients of LAW, and our secret “star”, is the prickly pear.

An exotic delicacy that has made Ibiza its home for centuries, it is no longer possible to imagine the landscape of the island without it.

Its delicious, bright red pith underlines the fruity note that makes LAW Gin itself, enjoyed in its neat form, a delight to the senses.

The harvesting of prickly pears, meanwhile, proves time and again to be one of the last great adventures, since not a millimetre of skin is safe from the tiny, barbed spines of the fruits.

Pimientos de Padrón

A botanical that is incredible but true: “Pimientos de Padrón”, that small, spicy type of pepper which is fried and sprinkled with coarse salt, and served throughout Spain as a form of tapas.

The green pods usually have quite a mild taste. Usually – but around every tenth specimen is hellishly hot, which one would not expect from its appearance.

On Ibiza, island of pirates and adventurers, we love this dish, in which every morsel becomes a kind of Russian roulette.

So naturally these little green devils belong in LAW Gin too...

Salines of Ibiza

LAW Gin is refined by distillation of salt from Ibiza’s famous salt works, which have been in continuous operation since the times of the Phoenicians, and have long been a hallmark of the island. Each bottle of LAW thus contains a small pinch of genuine sea air.