LAW stands for an elegant London Dry Gin in craft quality.  Its clear, unmistakable aroma is inspired through and through by Mediterranean joie de vivre – and by our love of Ibiza.

We use mainly local products of first choice and the islands pure spring water for our gin. The LAW recipe combines the classic notes of a traditional gin with selected regional botanicals that are known as typical products of Ibiza – and surprise as gin ingredients…


Of course, it all starts with juniper – the soul of every gin.
LAW combines the classic juniper with the rare variety of Phoenician juniper to create a new taste experience that focuses on authentic Ibiza.

The little-known Phoenician juniper was the original reason for the idea to create our gin, because this variety actually grows mainly on Ibiza. It shapes both the landscape and the history of the island and is named after the seafarers of the same name who settled Ibiza more than 2000 years ago.
The Phoenician juniper is also called "Sabina" in Ibiza. Its extremely hard wood is very expensive and protected. Harvesting the juicy reddish-brown berries ourselves by hand is a job we always look forward to, because it is like meditating in the most scenic spots on the island...
The spicy, piney note of Phoenician juniper (bot. Juniperus phoenicea) creates an exceptional aroma profile in the composition with classic juniper (bot. Juniperus communis) and is given the space needed to perfectly set the scene for the spirit of Ibiza.

fresh citrus

Almost every commercially available gin is made with dehydrated citrus peel. But not LAW. We only allow fresh, non-treated zests in the still. And that is something you taste!

Since we can grab oranges and lemons directly from the tree almost all year round on Ibiza, we obviously only distil their fresh peels. And these are of exceptional quality - because of their unusual thickness, bursting with the precious essential oils that give them their aroma.
Hand-picked, the fruit originate from selected gardens where the trees are allowed to prosper naturally with nothing but sun, water and the famous red soil of our island. Harvesting in such a natural citrus grove is pure aromatherapy....
Harvested immediately before being processed and slowly and gently distilled, the lush aroma of the fresh lemons and oranges is fully preserved in our gin. A mark of quality we are very proud of!

Prickly pear

An important, rather unusual ingredient of LAW (and our secret star) is the prickly pear.

An seemingly exotic delicacy that has been native to Ibiza for centuries and is an integral part of the island's landscape. The sprawling cactus plants grow literally on every corner in Ibiza, so we were keen to incorporate them into our recipe for LAW.
The delicious, bright red pulp of the prickly pears now forms the fruity heart of our gin, which makes it a feast for the senses even when enjoyed neat. However, as the consumption of these little fruits has to be painstakingly and sometimes achingly earned, they are hardly ever used nowadays.
Except with us! And indeed - harvesting prickly pears always proves to be one of the last great adventures. No millimetre of skin is safe from the countless tiny barbed spines of the fruit - and it almost doesn't matter whether you are wearing a bikini or a diving suit...

Pimientos de Padrón

A botanical that is incredible but true: “Pimientos de Padrón”, that small, spicy type of pepper which is fried in olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt, served throughout Spain as a form of tapas.

The appetising green pods predominantly have a rather mild taste.
Predominantly... Because about every tenth specimen is hot as hell - but you can't tell from the outside!
In Ibiza, island of pirates and chevaliers of fortune, we love this dish where every morsel becomes a kind of Ibizan roulette - and so the little green devils in LAW gin cannot be missing...

Ibiza sea breeze…

LAW Gin is ennobled by the distillation of a hint of salt from Ibiza’s famous salt flats (“Las Salinas”), which have been cultivated continuously since more than 2000 years and have long been a landmark of the island. So there is even a touch of real Ibiza sea breeze in every bottle.