Photo by Ines Schramm

How it all began

New Year 2013. Four friends on Ibiza are celebrating and enjoying good food and – naturally – gin and tonic, for all four are passionate gin enthusiasts.

Besides their enthusiasm for fine drinks, the four share a love of Ibiza, and on that New Year’s evening too, the conversation – as so often – turned to the small island. It’s a shame, thought Luna, Alexander, Wolfgang and Dirk, that the island’s worldwide renown is limited to its music, nightlife and beaches. There is so much more to the magic of Ibiza!

Capturing this magic in words is difficult, if one wishes to avoid sounding like a travel guide. So the culture rich in history, the special quality of light, the breath-taking coastal landscape and untouched nature are mentioned only in passing. Dense pine forests, groves of orange and lemon trees on fertile, red earth. Meadows of spring flowers, wild herbs and juniper bushes as far as the eye can see…


As if in response to a secret sign, the four of them glance at their glasses.

Why isn’t there a gin that is made in Ibiza?

For a moment, the seemingly harmless question lingers in the room. Then they all start talking at once:

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic to create a gin unique to Ibiza! A gin whose unusual aroma makes it an ambassador for the island … A gin for which first-class, locally-grown botanicals are processed … A gin that tastes of the sun and is so delicious that people enjoy drinking it not only on Ibiza, but also in London, Paris, Manila or New York!”

An idea is born, and a period of experimentation begins. Month after month, through endless nights, together Luna, Alexander, Wolfgang and Dirk work away at the ideal recipe for a gin that will meet their demanding expectations. It should be fresh, with pronounced citrus notes, a dry base and rich body.

The characteristic of “mustiness” becomes anathema: the slightest suggestion of it spells the end of many high-percentage attempts. In processes that verge on alchemy, the four of them try out ingredients that no-one has ever dared to put together with gin before, until … suddenly, there was no longer anything left to improve!

To capture the magic of Ibiza in words may not be easy, but with LAW Gin, one can let it dissolve on the tongue…

Luna (“the nose”), now a successful writer of erotic literature, spent many years working professionally with natural aromas and essential oils.

Alexander, travel enthusiast and director and producer, even devoted a TV documentary to gin as his favourite drink.

Wolfgang, the proprietor of one of Ibiza’s best-known restaurants, is a connoisseur and at the same time keeps a superbly stocked bar.