How it is made

LAW Gin represents a premium quality gin of the “London Dry” category. We are committed to using only natural ingredients, as well as to careful distillation on the basis of pure wheat alcohol. Without exception, we add no sugar or artificial flavourings.

In our manufactory, we produce only small quantities, of just a few hundred bottles per batch, because we are convinced that this is the only way that we can ensure the highest quality.


We distil LAW in our traditional alembic. This original form of a copper still has been used throughout the Hispanic world since the Middle Ages, and goes back to the Moors. It manages entirely without modern measuring instruments such as pressure sensors or temperature probes, so that the result depends solely on the distiller’s judgment and instinct.



The botanicals are first of all macerated, and then carefully heated until the aromas vaporise, combined with the alcohol. Through the copper neck of the alembic, they enter the cooling coil, in which the vapours liquefy once more.

The LAW distillate then flows over a basket of Phoenician juniper berries, thus rounding off its characteristic taste.
Finally, the gin is adjusted to its alcohol content of 44% with water from the best Ibizan springs.

LAW gin is bottled, labelled and sealed individually, by hand. This way, each of the stylish pharmacy bottles, with their glass stoppers, becomes a small work of art, which we are proud of.