LAW – The Gin of Ibiza represents a handcrafted London Dry Gin of top class. With this, we commit ourselves to the careful distillation of strictly natural ingredients on the basis of pure wheat alcohol. We completely refrain from adding sugar or artificial flavourings.

In our manufactory in the heart of the island of Ibiza, we produce our gin ourselves in small batches – to ensure that our high quality expectations are met.


We distil LAW – The Gin of Ibiza in our traditional alembic, which was hand-forged especially for us.

This original form of copper still dates back to the Moors and has been in use throughout the Hispanic region since the Middle Ages. It completely dispenses with modern measuring instruments such as pressure or temperature gauges, for example, so that the result of the distillation depends solely on our instinct, sensitivity and experience.

In the "belly" of the alembic, the botanicals are first macerated in a mixture of spring water and pure alcohol. Then the still is heated very slowly until the aromas vaporise in combination with the alcohol. During the approx. 14-hour distillation process, the temperature must be constantly adjusted to the current aroma profile, as the dissolved essential oils do not rise simultaneously, but according to their volatility.
Through the gooseneck of the alembic, they enter the cooling spiral, where the vapours liquefy again to be collected as precious, highly concentrated droplets. This LAW essence has an alcohol content of approx. 77% and is now allowed to rest for a few days so that the aromas can combine harmoniously. Finally, it is adjusted to its final alcohol content of 44% with the best Ibizan spring water.
The rest of the process is also handwork, as befits a manufactory, because our gin is bottled, sealed and boxed one by one. This is not the only reason why each of the stylish pharmacist's bottles with its noble glass stopper is a small piece of art that we are very proud of... By the way: We are always happy to welcome visitors to show them around our distillery! If you are interested, please contact us and make an appointment.