Mulled wine “Happinez”

Mulled wine “Happinez”

By Luna von Eisenhart Rothe

We don’t want to be self-praising, but this mulled wine makes you happy – honestly! Somehow the tipsy you get from it feels much, much nicer than you get from other mulled wine. This is probably due to the natural ingredients, the fact that no sugar is added, and of course the generous shot of liquid sunshine (= LAW).
But beware, this hot drink goes into your blood at lightning speed, so it’s meant to be enjoyed…. 😉
Level of difficulty – Easy, just requires some preparation time

For the mulled wine basic recipe (approx. 6 servings):

    • 45 cl fruity red wine
    • 55 cl organic apple juice
    • 1 large piece of ginger (6 hefty slices)
    • 2 Ceylon cinnamon sticks
    • 2 Cassia cinnamon sticks
    • 14 cloves
    • Peel of one large organic orange

To serve (per 1 portion):

    • 4-5 cl LAW – The Gin of Ibiza

– Mug with handle, copper or clay cup

Garnish – Slice of orange; cut of apple; …

Preparation – Peel the orange and slice the ginger. Heat all ingredients (except the gin) slowly in a covered pot for about 25 minutes. Caution: Do not boil! Then drain to remove the spices and return the mulled wine to the pot. Keep warm on the lowest heat. Do not add the LAW Gin to the cup until serving time (!) and top up with the mulled wine.